Industrial service

NLM Vantinge A/S are working with the following business areas:

NLM Vantinge A/S performs industrial service for European production companies. The service is performed in cooperation with businesses, where an optimization of production lines leading to the company’s bi-products and residues can be used in other businesses. In this way by-products and residues are upgraded to a raw material for another manufacturer.

NLM Vantinge A/S provides optimization / minimization of residual flows, logistics, regulatory approvals, control anlysis and documentation for companies and administrations. The products are sold often directly to other companies as a substitute for other commodities.

Part of the products are moved to our own plant for reprocessing, production test, testing the solution or as a buffer for direct deliveries. The plant is thus a valuable asset for the development of the direct service activity.

Our main competence area is recovery of residues and byproducts from industries that produce margarine, surfactants, soaps, emulsifiers, fatty acids, biodiesel, glycerol, milk, snacks, etc. from vegetable and animal fat and oil products.

NLM Vantinge A/S serves mainly European companies. Companies can be both suppliers and end users of waste and byproducts.

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