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– Utilization of by- and wate products.
– Production of feedstuffs under the brand Lipitec.

Specialist in Industrial Service

The activities regarding utilization of by- and waste products require knowledge in production, chemistry, environmental protection, taxes, cross-border transports and legislation.

The feedstuff production requires knowledge in the composition of the feed and in nutrional effects.

NLM Vantinge A/S employs highly educated specialists to satisfy these requirements.

The activities are also based on knowledge that crosses over several fields. This knowledge is learned and kept up to date within the company.

NLM Vantinge ApS has activities in most of Europe and has a subsidiary in France.

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Feedstuffs have a special homepage which can be found by clicking here. www.lipitec.com

Sustainable recycling of waste and by-products

Our main competence area is recovery of residues and by-products from industries that produce margarine, surfactants, soaps, emulsifiers, fatty acids, biodiesel, glycerol, milk, snacks, etc. from vegetable and animal fat and oil products.

NLM Vantinge A/S serves mainly European companies.

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