Quality management and sustainability are our keywords

We are very focused on feed safety and traceability. That is why, quality and safety have the highest priority and is documented in all steps, from selection of raw material suppliers to delivery of the final product to our customer. Our focus does not stop here. We are also very concerned about our responsibility for quality and nutritional value of produced milk and meat. Traceability ensures, that we always can trace exactly which raw material lots are used for production of a specific product batch, and which customers received from this product batch.

​In addition to the statutory registration and random control with the Danish feed and food authorities, NLM Vantinge is also GMP+ certified since 2006. It ensures, that our customers can feel certain, that our products always follows the highest standards. You can find our GMP+ certificate here.

​To be able to offer proven sustainable byproducts for energy purpose, our company is RedCert certified. You can find our RedCert certificate here.

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